Official | New Haven Moderator Application

Official | New Haven Moderator Application


Please review the following details for more information regarding the duties of our moderators.

- Knows and understands the New Haven Covenant & Rules and can speak to them when answering questions.

- Moderates all chat channels and ensures rules are being followed and acts accordingly if they are not.

- Participates in and initiates roleplay throughout the community, including attending events.

- Promotes New Haven through available channels, including by word of mouth, social media, group advertisements, etc.

- Welcomes new members and answers questions, offers tours and directs them towards getting started in New Haven.

- Monitors community traffic and handles immediate concerns, including muting, ejecting and temporary banning griefers.

- Steps in when an RP issue comes up. Investigates the situation properly, communicates with management and makes a decision on the course of the RP.